Too Summer for School?

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Too Summer for School?

To learn, to play, or maybe both

If you haven’t heard about our Summer School programme, then the time has come for you to learn about one of the biggest and most exciting projects in our house.

But first, what do we do here?

We teach and we share. Our technology-driven approach will help strengthen your coding skills and our best engineers will mentor you through the whole process, sharing their know-how and best practices. In no time, you’ll be delivering complex Java solutions with Spring Boot

Java Summer of 21′

But let’s get back on track, this year’s Summer School has just come to its end. And we can proudly say that we had a fantastic time with a steep learning curve.

This fourth annual Agency04 Summer School went above and beyond and surpassed all our expectations. With more than 750 applicants, this year’s cherry-picking was a challenging one. But the 30 selected students made our summer as easy as a Sunday morning. Doing their best at the weekly exams, carefully following the online course, and discussing all the possible ways of problem-solving with our one-on-one mentoring sessions, they created an actual and functional Java application within the Spring Boot framework.

We are delighted that our programme is becoming more and more desired with the population of female developers, and we proudly point out that we had more than 50% females at the final Hackathon.

So, if you wanna start developing in Java and build Spring Boot apps this time next year, don’t be shy and apply now through the application on the link.

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Our people really love it here

How it all started

Est. in 2014., gathering eight employees with eyes set on the future. No matter how set they were, they couldn’t predict the success and extent of growth that would ensue. Today there are more than 100 of us, and people are here to stay.

Stability in unstable times

The turmoil of 2020 caused great inconvenience for people all over the world. However, this did not affect our business. Quite the opposite — we not only kept all jobs and salaries intact, but we also grew in size. And we keep expanding. 


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