Spotsie App. UI flow.

Software development
Spotsie App. UI flow.


The task was to design the interface for Spotsie iOS and Android application. Spotsie app is made for various conferences and fairs, which allows organizers to track visitor locations, and offers visitors the ability to see and follow the schedule, connect with other visitors based on common interests, exchange business cards, sign up for workshops, download presentations, and more.


Pencil sketching, Sketch, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effects


After the concept of the project was clear after a long brainstorming, the ideas had to be transformed into a reality. The most efficient way was to use pen and paper, so we can see the structure better and choose a style of the interface.

Onboarding process
Schedule and Timetable

Choosing the right Style

The idea was to make the UI design that’s minimalistic, intuitive, harmonious and up-to-date. Also, since the app is a white-label application, it should have been noted that when adapting the design to different conferences and fairs, these changes were as small as possible.


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Spotsie Screens

Color Palette

Spotsie has a light color palette, where Spotsie red changes depending on the branding of conferences.


One of the few differences between iOS and Android version, is that they use their system fonts, respectively San Francisco and Roboto.


Some of the main screens with different functionality:

  • Schedule & Timetable
  • Session & Workshop summary
  • Ratings and Reviews
  • Takeaways
  • Attendees list
  • Interests
  • Notifications
  • Profile

Animated Screens

For onboarding process, business cards exchange and connecting beacons to your phone, there were several illustrations created, animated in After Effects, which livened up the screens, fitted the general minimalistic style, and most of the time showed to user what to do in that step.

In conclusion, Spotsie project became a great and fun challenge to make a attractive, minimalistic, easy-to-use application with user interface made for diverse audience and to fit every need that conference organizers have.



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