Turnkey development

Turnkey development

What is it?

Looking for a complete solution? From designing the idea to development and delivery?

Our consultants, designers, and engineers can build your tailor-made digital solution using agile methodologies.

We cover every step of the process: from the discovery and planning phase, development and testing, to delivery of the product.

Agile manifesto runs in our blood:

  • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
  • Working software over comprehensive documentation
  • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
  • Responding to change over following a strict plan

Our Agile Process

Discovery workshop Documentation Analysis On site Workshop Project preperation Backlog refinement Sprint planning Design and development Sprint review Sprint retrospective
In this phase, we get to know each other and learn more about you, your business and the project itself, exchange knowledge and engage the creative process. The purpose of this is to address challenges and problems, reduce the risk, size the object of work, emerge the most efficient architecture, people for the job and gather all relevant stakeholders in the project. After all, planning is in the heart of Agile methods.
Our consultants study in and out every aspect of your business and product requirements, goals that you want to achieve, and any additional information you provided before the workshop.
The most efficient and effective method of conveying information is face-to-face conversation, that is why we get the whole team together. We care about the end product and the best way to organize the development is through workshops.
In this phase, everything is defined before the initial development sprint, and detailed documentation is prepared.
Being flexible with priorities and planning is the core of being Agile, and Backlog Refinement defines that. The product owner prioritizes and discusses elements for delivery with the team members. The goal of this phase is to add more details to the product backlog items, add or remove features, compare, estimate, and rearrange them.
Defines what can be delivered and how. The whole team brainstorms and prepares tasks for the development Sprint.
This is our bread and butter, what we do best. Designers and developers bring your dreams to life, solve your problems, and prepare for the Sprint Review
Is held at the end of each Sprint. Together, we evaluate advancements on the project and adjust the Product Backlog accordingly while keeping the big picture in mind.
Is used for optimizing the next sprints. We examine what went well, and what could have been better. After Retro, the whole process starts again at Backlog refinement and continues until the final delivery.

Related Endorsements

Marin Bozic

Associate Director at Midwest Dairy Foods Research Center

“Agency04 has been our vendor of choice since 2015 and has helped us transform our academic project from a small regional dairy market information aggregator to a global commodity markets data platform used by some of the largest multinational companies on 4 continents. No matter what challenge we encountered in our expansion, Agency04 engineers were one step ahead, ready with architectural solutions based on the latest web technologies, robustly facilitating our growth.”

Melanie Breier

Product Owner at Strabag

“As a Product Owner, my job is to provide the team with user stories which I get from the stakeholders, or rather users. Agency04 helps me a lot with that, they give me the possibility to present interactive prototypes to show the stakeholders/customers how the end product will look like when it’s developed. This way we get results a lot faster.”

Lucija Zlatar

Head of Product & Growth at Spotsie

“Agency04 team helped us create a beautiful native event app that delivers an exceptional user experience, which is of course crucial for the business.”

Tonci Kalina

Head of Custom Software Development at Končar

“Agency04 was hired to develop two software programs from scratch. They fulfilled all original expectations and requirements thus far. As a team, they’ve provided unique ideas and strong skills to complete the two software platforms. You can educate yourself about software development by working with Agency04—they’re a strong team to learn from.”


Want to know more about Agile?

Every project brings a new learning opportunity. Here’s how we do what we do.
― by Roko Roic
Estimating and planning is in the heart of Agile software development


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