Optima Telekom


OT – Optima Telekom d.d., established in 2004, is the first independent service provider of land line telephony services in Croatia, that used the possibilities of the liberalized market and within a short time became a leader of change. By the entrepreneurial undertaking of the founder, we made history as the company that, for the first time, gave all the citizens and organizations in Croatia the opportunity to choose their telecom carrier and provided state-of-the art communications solutions under affordable terms.





Our people really love it here

How it all started

Est. in 2014., gathering eight employees with eyes set on the future. No matter how set they were, they couldn’t predict the success and extent of growth that would ensue. Today there are more than 100 of us, and people are here to stay.

Stability in unstable times

The turmoil of 2020 caused great inconvenience for people all over the world. However, this did not affect our business. Quite the opposite — we not only kept all jobs and salaries intact, but we also grew in size. And we keep expanding. 


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